Clara Pettitt

I joined Principle One as a graduate consultant in autumn 2019, having first completed an short internship. I knew I wanted to use my degree (in maths and statistics) to make a difference, but wasn’t sure what jobs would be open to me. I applied to Principle One to get an insight into technical consulting, and to see whether it appealed to me as a career.


I spent my internship working with two other students. During our two week placement we explored chatbots: how to build one, who might use one, and how they could help newly hired police officers work through the complex processes that form part of their job. We received short training courses from experts within Principle One, but were also given the space to experiment, develop new skills, and set our own direction as a team. As a result, all three of us felt it was the right decision to return to Principle One as graduates in full time roles. 


I have spent the last 9 months working with an Innovation Accelerator. This is a really varied role where each day is different. I work across a range of projects, dealing with a large number of customers, stakeholders and suppliers. My responsibilities range from project management and operations support to data analysis and process improvement. There is a strong team culture within this organisation which I really enjoy, and this has helped hugely during lockdown.


I’ve stayed close to what is happening across Principle One through virtual events like our weekly Gin and Learn sessions, where a different project team or external speaker present to us each week. Now we are starting to use the office a little more it is great to reconnect with the team and be able to meet this year’s interns and new graduates.

Tintagel House
92 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TY

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