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Josh Alder

Josh Alder

I am studying Maths and Statistics at Newcastle University, and have a strong interest in data and tech. I wanted to find a challenging internship for the summer before my final year, and chose Principle One for the opportunity to learn more about the law enforcement domain and contribute to work which has a positive impact on society.

I started the 10-week placement in July, working as a pair with another intern Heather, supported by more experienced members of the P1 team.

The internship took place during lockdown and social distancing, so we weren’t able to go into the office as much as I’d have hoped, but working from home proved to be more than doable. It was a little strange at first, but once I got used to it (and got the hang of Microsoft Teams), remote working felt very natural.

During our internship we worked with wildlife trade specialists TRAFFIC, taking on three distinct projects focused on data exploitation challenges.

We used an agile framework for our projects, which was new to me, but turned out to be very well-suited to our work. Our projects with TRAFFIC were very exploratory, and the frequent discovery of both barriers and new opportunities meant that we had to continuously change our vision and objectives for the projects. Agile allowed us to do this efficiently, with short sprints and regular scrum meetings making it easy to adapt our plans to changing goals.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Principle One this summer. The work has been really interesting and everyone has been incredibly approachable and supportive; I’m very much looking forward to returning as a graduate consultant in 2021.