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Migrating in-house systems to a sustainable cloud platform

Principle One has been working with the West Midlands Digital Forensics Unit to review and uplift an existing in-house case management system to a sustainable cloud based architecture that will handle ongoing change. To cope with the combined challenge of an ever-increasing workload and new accreditation requirements under ISO17025, West Midlands developed an in-house system to triage, review and audit their processing of exhibits received into evidence. However, as use of the system has grown with a need to support additional users and adapt to new business processes, the existing system was becoming more costly to maintain and demanding time away from operational work for key policing personnel.


On completing an initial review, we proposed a new modular architecture to streamline ongoing development and a new interface to improve the end user experience. We have now begun to develop a flexible foundation platform that can be hosted on a cloud platform to deliver common case management functionality, with wider applicability to other law enforcement customers. This approach lets us take advantage of the cost and productivity benefits of using common cloud services, while still enabling the user interface to be tailored to support our customer’s internal business processes and ways of working.