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A Fresh Start at Principle One 

At Principle One, we are always looking to attract a variety of experience, skills and knowledge to our team. One way in which we do this is to recruit individuals who may not come from traditional consultancy backgrounds but who offer domain knowledge and practical industry experience and insight. 

Last year, we welcomed a number of new consultants who have joined us from non-consultancy backgrounds. They have brought not only transferable skills but also first-hand industry knowledge, and therefore understand the needs and perspectives of our customers from the outset. Below, some of our new recruits talk about what it is like transitioning to a role in consulting at Principle One.

There are many reasons why individuals might choose to change careers, and it is never too late to consider a future in consulting. Helen Mackenzie spent nine years as a Criminal Barrister before joining Principle One in January 2023.  “I was drawn to consultancy by the prospect of working on a variety of different projects and engaging with a range of clients and stakeholders in the public sector. I was keen to utilise my knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, whilst having the opportunity to be involved in the delivery of meaningful and impactful change.”


Helen spoke to a number of individuals in the industry before making the

move and has found the transition to be a positive experience. “My colleagues at Principle One have been welcoming and I have found it possible to embrace new challenges whilst balancing the demands of having a young family.  I feel fortunate to have already worked on two interesting but varied projects, in dynamic teams of enthusiastic consultants that genuinely care about making a difference. I find myself using the communication skills that I developed during my time at the Bar on a daily basis and particularly enjoy the ‘people’ part of this job”. 

Changing careers can, of course, seem like a daunting experience. Before joining Principle One earlier this year, Rebecca Rowley spent six years as a Civil Servant developing policy in key crime areas such as Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), hate crime and extremism. Rebecca knew she wanted to transition into a career in consulting, but wasn’t sure how possible it would be. “I knew I was ready for a new challenge, but I had delayed taking the plunge as I was worried I would have to ‘start-over’ by applying for entry-level roles. However, when researching consultancy roles it was clear that the skills that make someone successful in industry are relevant to succeeding in consulting. I quickly recognised that I held a number of transferable skills that I could continue to expand in a consulting role.”


The ability to effectively manage and communicate with a variety of stakeholders, problem solve using research and analysis, successfully collaborate, and deliver in fast paced environments are key skills Principle One are looking for, which we will look to effectively utilise and help develop further.


Alongside transferable skills, Rebecca’s domain knowledge built from working for central government and alongside law enforcement was something she felt could add value to Principle One. “It seems obvious, but don’t underestimate the value of domain insight and sector 

experience. It was clear to me from the outset that a key part of Principle One’s success is their ability to offer teams which not only understand the issues, complexities and pressures facing customers, but who also have a real passion for the area they are working in.”


And for Principle One, cultural fit is just as important as experience. Being in such a diverse industry, creating an environment where employees can learn from one another and seek support is a priority. This helps support collaborative working and the smooth management of challenging projects, which ensures the best for our customers. This feeds into the wider company ethos and values, which puts people at the heart of what we do.


Becky Hayes joined Principle One in January 2023 having previously spent 

an eight-year career as a Civil Servant within the Criminal Justice System, where she started out as a Probation Officer before working as a Policy Lead at the Parole Board where she led on a Terrorism and High-Profile team.

Having adjusted to the Civil Service ways of working, Becky was a little daunted to join the private sector – however, upon meeting the team she was soon put at ease. “Everyone has awareness of the live and current issues our government are currently facing and a great passion to make positive change. Upon first meeting my colleagues, the level of knowledge and expertise within law enforcement was immediately evident and the supportive environment in bringing everyone up to speed on these issues and the technical solutions was paramount. Principle One creates a space where you can grow and share in 

what you feel passionate about.”


When joining Principle One, you will be expected to hit the ground running. However, we have appropriate structures in place to ensure that new starters, whatever their experience and background, are fully supported. Reflecting on her first nine months as a Business Consultant at Principle One, Becky has been able to get quickly stuck into a varied and challenging role. “Soon after joining I benefitted from learning on the job within a well-established project. This allowed me to learn a technical skillset in a supportive environment and cover areas of work that I’d never have imagined working in.” When looking to the future, Becky is happy to be working for a smaller company. “Being able to work within a rapidly growing company where everyone has a voice and are included in the growth and upcoming projects has allowed me to identify and realise future goals far easier.” 

As Principle One continues to grow, we are always keen to hear from candidates with transferable skills, domain knowledge and industry experience. If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities at Principle One, you can read more here or contact us directly at 




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