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Enabling innovation with ACE

Principle One has been working with the Home Office Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) since 2018. ACE is a Home Office led unit that takes an innovative and disruptive approach to solving technology and data problems facing public sector agencies, primarily in law enforcement and national security. It brings together expertise from industry and academia to work collaboratively to deliver front-line mission impact at pace. In addition to the work that Principle One has completed as part of ACE’s Vivace community of suppliers across multiple commissions and end customers, our staff have worked within ACE’s core team and have had a particularly significant impact within the Technical Enablers team.

Technical Enablers are a key part of the ACE Core Team, working closely with ACE’s end customers and Vivace supplier community on the delivery of commissions. Working closely with Technical Leads, experienced architects with deep domain expertise, the Technical Enabler role supports commission delivery, working across a range of tasks from customer engagement and problem definition to hands on technical work and setting up and supporting the infrastructure required for commission delivery.

Principle One has provided Technical Enabler resource since July 2018, with the role providing an opportunity for our recent graduates to develop their technical and consulting skills across a wide range of mission critical commissions.

Jack Green joined Principle One in summer 2019 as part of its first graduate intake and joined ACE’s Technical Enablers team in his first role. This has given him a chance to build on his strong technical skills and work with a wide range of technologies across a diverse set of customers. By getting involved early in the commission life cycle, he has been able to develop strong analytical skills – breaking problems down and identifying innovative approaches to rapidly delivery value to ACE’s customers.

“It has been exciting and exhilarating throughout and I’ve found the breadth of problems we tackle means I’m constantly developing new skills. The innovative approach used by ACE allows for a diversity of thinking and it’s been great to work with different suppliers and see the diversity of approach they bring to each ‘problem on a page’. This lets us push the boundaries around the use of existing as well as new and emerging technologies to deliver value more quickly to our customers.

Working within ACE requires you to adopt an agile mindset and think creatively to react to changes in priorities throughout a commission’s lifecycle. Taking a waterfall methodology just won’t cut it, and agile working allows for much more flexibility and adaptability to changing needs and requirements.”

Another member of the Principle One team – Andrew Sadler – has been part of ACE since the summer of 2018; the wide range of opportunities, and ability to learn and grow his skills have kept him in the role for so long. He has enjoyed the

ability to work across a range of commissions where he has seen ACE deliver mission impact and he is now able to take on Technical Lead roles with the autonomy to shape the commission to deliver results. He has been involved in training new staff, alongside working on multiple commissions at different levels of scale. From Andrew’s perspective, the capability that ACE can offer is “what government customers need, it’s doing a lot of good in addressing the challenges of the sector – and getting capability rapidly to where it’s needed most.”

Our work within the Technical Enablers team has demonstrated the importance of partnership working, which is at the heart of our delivery approach. The skills that Jack and Andrew have developed while working in the core team with ACE have already given them a strong foundation to build on – whether continuing to support delivery through ACE or working across our wider customer base.


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